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Why select V-Graft hair transplantation ?

  • Hair Transplant

    It is only due to the judicious initiative taken by experience doctor, a reputed Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, having begun hair transplantation in the year 1985, that we are presently here, successfully performing hair transplants for more than 35 years and is credited with over 2600 hair transplant related surgeries.

    After being taken over by experience doctor in 2008, successfully pursued Hair Transplantation training, and then teamed up with Dr. Murugesan. It is only under his keen supervision and effective guidance, accomplished in Chennai, India, more than 1600+ Hair Transplantation surgeries, the last 10 years. Furthermore, made contribution towards the introduction of newer technique like Suction Technique inFUT & FUE, PRP in hair transplant.

Successful Stories

  • I highly recommend V-Graft Hair Transplant. It is an excellent & best hair transplant surgeon in chennai. The whole experience was much better than I expected and the results speak for themselves. I feel very fortunate to have found him and his team to perform my hair transplant surgery
    -Shyam, Bangalore

  • In one word excellent, I entered with questions and skepticism and discharged with hope, The ambiance was very cordial and encouraging thanks to V-Graft Hair Transplant for the way i look now.
    -Vinod Kumar., Chennai

  • Had a wonderful experience with my hair transplant. that was a longer day for everyone and I appreciate the care and professionalism you all gave me till completion of transplant. can emphatically suggest your office to anyone interested in a transplant. Thanks again for your wonderful care.
    -Vicent., Hyderabad

  • I just want to let you know that I’m extremely pleased with the procedure, Everyone in V-Graft Hair Transplant centre took great care of me. Doctor did a phenomenal job. It’s almost a couple of weeks since the procedure and the scabbing is almost gone. I can see a huge difference already, my hairline is back to almost where it was before I started losing my hair and everything is starting to grow back.
    -Sadiq., Kerala

  • Started seeing regrowth, and am very happy about the way things are turning out right now. This was a great decision, because the area that I had chosen to have treatment on looks a lot better than it did before I decided to have treatment. Thanks for the check-up, and I hope that results can continue to improve.
    -Mohamed Yusuf., Bangalore

  • "The day I chose V-Graft Hair Transplant centre I was happy. My happiness was greater when I met the doctor and his very professional team. And now, one year later, I am thrilled with my choice."
    -Deepak., Chennai

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Transplantation

It is an effective surgical process used mainly for treating male pattern baldness. This is a minimal and modern technique that uses grafts that consists of hair follicles to be transplanted on a bald scalp.Readmore

FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplant by Suction Technique

It is the most preferred way of hair transplanting. With this method, there is no fear of losing hairs again. It is a time proven modern surgery process that is presently in huge demand these days.Readmore

Fue Hair Transplant Surgery

Fue Hair Transplant surgery

It is a painless but time consuming technique for harvesting or extracting donor hair. The surgical though simple, requires expertise and experience in the domain for deriving better results.Readmore

Long Hair Transplant

Full Length Hair Transplantation

These days, it is possible to have full length hair transplantation done within the budget and this is achievable with proper grafting from experienced physicians to get a natural hair.Readmore

PRP Hair Treatment in Chennai

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Platelet Rich Plasma is an external triggering force that assists the miniature hair to become active and to develop into thicker hair roots for enjoying lush hair growth, quickly and without any side effects.readmore

Prp hair treatment

Hair Restoration (Baldness Treatment)

There are various types of hair restoration procedures carried out for regaining lost hair, of which one is ‘Graft survival’. Furthermore, these also depend on several factors and hence, require precaution to be taken by the physicians during the treatment.Readmore

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