FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

Follicular Unit Transplantation is considered to be a much better procedure than punch grafting and mini-micro grafting. It is said to be a common perception among physicians.

In the FUT procedure, a skin belt is cut out, which is similar to mini-micro grafting. Individual follicular units then are cut and planted, one by one, in the recipient region. It is this place, where the procedure differs from the mini-micro grafting, keeping in with the previous mini-micro grafting procedure, where skin is cut to small pieces, even though not entirely to individual follicular units.

General hair transplantation

Surgical hair transplantation does involve removing hair from a particular region of the head and by placing them in different region. Generally, the donor hairs are removed from the sides or the neck, where they are found in plenty. Also, it would be easy to conceal any scar in the region.

Because of the consistent modernization and improvement of this particular extensive surgical process, the demand of hair transplantation is said to have increased manifolds, in the last decade.

The male pattern baldness usually is caused by local increased sensitivity level to male hormone testosterone that is created with increased amounts, both at the time and post puberty stage. The hormone is then converted with the help of an enzyme (called 5-alpha reductase type-II) into various materials – DHT (dihydrotestosterone). The enhanced DHT presence, in the long run is likely to cause hair to get much thinner, lose pigmentation and to finally stop growing eventually and completely.

Where hair transplant is concerned, the result entirely depends largely on the quantity of hair that is present in selected donor region (an area present on the head of the patient itself).

The hair is received from the sides or neck, since these are areas that loose hair rarely. It is for this fact that 5-alpha reductase type-II enzyme doesn’t exist in such areas and therefore, not in a position to convert hormone to DHT.

A wonderful thing in regards to hair transplantation is that, with the planting of new hairs, they would not fall again.

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