Hair Restoration (Baldness Treatment)

Hair that is lost can easily be reinstituted by using different hair restoration procedures.

‘Graft survival’ is regarded to be one such procedure that V-Graft Hair Transplant Centre completely believes in getting an enhanced success rate.

Graft survival depends mainly on several factors that are mentioned below:

1. Follicular trauma

  • Transaction: The rate of transaction can be diminished by using high quality follicular and microscope unit, combined with our years of experience and expertise.
  • Dehydration: At our center, we ensure that utmost care is taken for keeping the graft moist and this is achieved by using cold RL & PRP Solutions.
  • Crushing: Our experienced medical practitioner (V-Graft Hair Transplant Centre, Chennai) ensures careful placement.

2. Biochemical factors:

This refers to the stress found in hair follicles and is experienced, when kept out of body for a good amount of time.

Stress takes place, because of lack of blood supply, oxygen, follicular nutrients, exposure to extreme temperatures, including pH shift.

Once graft is kept in the tissue bed, it then re-exposes to oxygen and sets off a production series of free radical, which might have an effect on graft survival (Ischemia–Reperfusion Injury).

3. Vascular factors:

This refers to the immediate Post-operative oxygenation & revascularization, unlike other organ transplants, where the tissue gets hooked into a new blood vessel. In case of hair transplant, where there is an absence of Vascular Anastomosis, the Follicular Units can be termed as free grafts that tend to absorb oxygen passively from the tissues that surround it.

Neo-vascularization of such free grafts are said to occur within a period of 36 – 48 hours. In the meantime, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) that comprises of enormous growth factors are likely to assist free grafts in getting essential antioxidants and nutrient, while diminishing Neo-vascularization time, which is 18 – 24 hours.

Why V-Graft Hair transplant centre, Chennai?

We are known to take complete precaution in avoiding the above mentioned factors and this is done by utilizing tissue holding solutions that contains of the following:

Tissue holding solutions, Which contains

  • Buffers: For settling at the necessary pH value
  • Nutrients-PRP
  • Antioxidants: For reducing Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury.
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