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Why select V-Graft hair transplantation ?

It is only due to the judicious initiative taken by experienced Dr.Murugesan, a reputed Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, who began doing hair transplantation in the year 1983, that we are presently here, successfully performing hair transplants for more than 35 years and are credited with over 2600 hair transplant related surgeries.

The doctor at Vgraft Hair Transplant Centre is approved by ABHRS approved organization that was commenced in the year 2011 by Dr.MMTVasan, in order to help and serve people who choose to restore their lost hair. In the last few years we have managed to conduct over 2500+ successful surgeries. The Centre has one of the best recruited staff, who are well experienced and trained in the various procedures we provide. We went on to team up with Dr.Murugesan who has enriched this organization with his able knowledge.

Furthermore, V- Graft Transplant Centre has also made contribution towards the introduction of newer applications like Suction Technique in FUT, FUE and PRP in Hair Transplant.


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We Have More Than 35 years of Experience

Hair Transplantation

When we look at our hair follicles at a microscopic level it is found to be a very fascinating minuscule dynamic organ, which sets it apart from all the other tissue.  readmore..

Hair Restoration

‘Graft survival’ is regarded to be one such procedure that V-Graft Hair Transplant Centre completely believes in getting an enhanced success rate.  readmore..


Follicular Unit Transplantation is considered among physicians to be a much better procedure than punch grafting and mini-micro grafting as it allows them.  readmore..


FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a procedure used to extract, or to ‘harvest’, follicular units of hair one by one. In the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure.   readmore..


Platelet Rich Plasmas was first introduced in the 1970s and went on to become the most effective and popular procedures for restoring hair growth.  readmore..

Hair Transplant by Suction Technic

Hair transplant is a common cosmetic surgical procedure. Finer and newer techniques are coming up very often.  readmore..

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Effectively doing hair transplant for past 35 Years and done More Than 2500 Hair Transplants.