Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

How does PRP assist in Hair Transplantation?

Platelet Rich Plasmas was first introduced in the 70s and since then went on to become the most effective and popular procedure for restoring hair growth.

If there is any wound present, then the platelets gets engulfed in a clot and activate in releasing different Growth Factors (GF) towards effective hair growth.

The different growth factors are as follows:

  • EGF – Epidermal Growth Factor
  • FGF: Fibroblast Growth Factors.
  • PDGF: Platelet Derived Growth Factors.
  • PDAGF: Platelet Derived Angiogenesis Growth Factors.
  • VEGF: Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors.

Such growth factors tend to stimulate collagens and new blood vessels to be produced from the White Blood Corpuscles (WBC) that are present in the region to assist in clearing bacteria, hence, preventing infection.

Platelet Rich Plasma, thereby does amplify the naturally occurring wound, which gets healed by the WBC and platelets received from the surroundings.

Miniature hair is also noticed in bald head (irrespective of the region of baldness), which means that hair/hair roots still, are present, however, in inactive form. They do need certain triggering external force for becoming active and to grow. Therefore, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is considered to be that external triggering force, with the help of which the miniature hairs do become active and successfully forms thicker hair roots and to have lush hair growth.

We have been discussing and testing in plenty about Vasodilators, Angiogenesis Stimulators and hyperbaric Oxygen, from where the Platelet Rich Plasma comes handy as effective restoration method for hair growth.

PRP Procedure

Whole blood of 20ml is collected from peripheral veins and later transferred to test tubes that contain sodium citrate. The test tubes are kept in a Centrifuging machine and then Centrifuge done for arriving at PRP (platelet concentration here is much greater, more than five times the normal value). Multiple minute holes are created in the scalp region with the assistance of derma roller. PRP is then injected in the scalp region or pasting is carried out over derma rolled region.

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