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When I first started experiencing hair loss, I was in my early 20's. I tried every product from pills to lotions to shampoos. It was such a helpless feeling. Chennai Hair Transplant was able to restore my hair and help me look my real age. The doctor was able to give me back my frontal hairline, designed for a very natural appearance. I don't have to feel self conscious about my hair loss any more

Jaaveed, Chennai

I highly recommend V-Graft Hair Transplant Centre Chennai. He is an excellent & best hair transplant surgeon. The whole experience was much better than I expected and the results speak for themselves. I feel very fortunate to have found him and his team to perform my hair transplant surgery

Shyam, Bangalore
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In one word excellent, I entered with questions and skepticism and discharged with hope, The ambiance was very cordial and encouraging thanks to V-Graft Hair Transplant for the way i look now.

Vinod Kumar, Chennai

Had a wonderful experience with my hair transplant. that was a longer day for everyone and I appreciate the care and professionalism you all gave me till completion of transplant. can emphatically suggest your office to anyone interested in a transplant. Thanks again for your wonderful care.

Vicent, Hyderabad
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I just want to let you know that I’m extremely pleased with the procedure, Everyone in chennai hair transplant took great care of me. Doctor did a phenomenal job. It’s almost a couple of weeks since the procedure and the scabbing is almost gone. I can see a huge difference already, my hairline is back to almost where it was before I started losing my hair and everything is starting to grow back.

Sadiq, Kerala

Started seeing regrowth, and am very happy about the way things are turning out right now. This was a great decision, because the area that I had chosen to have treatment on looks a lot better than it did before I decided to have treatment. Thanks for the check-up, and I hope that results can continue to improve.

Mohamed Yusuf, Bangalore
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The day I chose V-Graft Hair Transplant I was happy. My happiness was greater when I met the doctor's and their professional team. And now, one year later, I am thrilled with my choice.

Deepak, Chennai
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